Welcome to the Realm of Sacred Circles and the Fairy art of CherrieB

The Oak Mage

Here you can share in my artwork and Sculpted fantasy creations whilst also getting a glimps of what i am doing and where you can perchase my artwork and see which events i'm planning to attend if my health allows me

A Gaggle of Goblins

Off to the Joust

As a fantasy artist i am please to say that my art has been reproduced in books and magazine around the world as well as gracing a number of CD and Album covers. You could say my art is unique and highly detailed and there is always more than one story happening with in the picture 

Roveing Redcaps

The Mistletoe King

as a fantasy artist you could say i'm an artist in the tradition of Arther Rackham, Brian Froud and Alan Lee.

i often weave celtic borders into my work as well as showing nature reclaiming a domain once sculpted by man or dwarfs