SacredCircles Art

The Celtic Inspired Art of Cherrie Ann Button

A Gaggle of Goblins

Welcome To the Magical World of Cherrie Ann Button

Artist, Sculptress, Puppeteer and Storyteller Cherrie does it all and is as colourful as her unique creations. Her gole in life is to bring joy and have you beliving in what you see as real weather it is sitting down with a goblin for a story in a glade or an exabition of tiny creatures and tapastry like paintings woven with Celtic stile and dripping with more than a hint of the magical. Cherrie's art has it all

Puppets and Art Dolls or Marquetts

Each unique creation is a labour of love with its own individual feel be it an joyfull old witch who is somewhat forgetfull or a young welsh dragon who is somewhat shy everyone has there favorite. Whilst her smaller creations whilst just as indearing are of the fairy kind they could be that movement you catch in the hedgerow or that face that watchs you from the roots of a tree and these fairys are no meer static object you can move them and give them your own little secrets to watch over hidden away in a pouch or a knapsack

One Off Fairy Creations

Marquetts these are built over a wire armiture and all hand sculpted

Acylics or in Greyscale

Cherries fantasy illustrations can be seen on the cover of books and magazines or grasing the cover's of album and CDs its all quite an achivement for this self taught artist who has done all this since being diagnosed with Fibromialga back in the year 2000